Your father will be home soon

by Regis Boff

Mom, why are we at home?
Do we have to stay in the living room?
“Your father will be home soon.”
Why haven’t you started dinner?
It’s dinnertime. We should be ready for dad.
Why are the groceries
still in the bags?
“Father will be home soon.
We’ll make dinner when he comes.
Once he is here.
He’ll decide where we’ll eat.”
Can’t we go out and play?
Why are you wearing your coat?
And your hat?
“Your father will be home soon.
And we will be here to greet him.
We might go out to eat.
He will have ideas about where to go.
He will have presents for you,
and we will be ready.”
Why are grandma and grandpa at the door?
Why is grandpa wearing a suit?
Why is grandma wearing her fancy dress?
And her necklace?
They have suitcases.
“Your father will be home soon,
And he loves to see grandma and grandpa.
Maybe they will come to dinner.
Father might want us to get dressed up
They might stay over for a while.”
Why is grandma wiping her eyes?
Why do our neighbors keep coming to the door?
Why are they bringing food
if we are going out to eat?
“Your father will be home soon.”
The neighbors don’t know father will be home.
The man on the phone
said father wouldn’t be home.
The neighbors are say
father will not be coming home.
Mom, What’s going to happen to us?
Mom? Mom?
“Your father will be home soon
Your father will be back soon.”


PUBLISHED: February 26, 2017
FILED UNDER: Unnoticed in Clever Worlds