Who says there isn’t a God?

by Regis Boff

I have an early 1970 ‘s degree from Columbia College in “Oriental Humanities.” I know this sounds braggartly, but still, it’s not more pretentious than using the word ” existential” in any sentence.
I read Bibles, everybody’s Bibles.
I wrote my thesis stoned and took my final oral exam while grappling with residue traces of mescaline that were challenging the focus of my eyes. I sat across from two professors and replied to their questions, I think. One was a Buddhist, and the other a Confucius scholar. Buddhists are nice, and the followers of Confucius are mean.
I haven’t believed in God since I was a Methodist. It is not at all that I think He doesn’t exist but more that I am doing Him a favor by not continually trying to draw His attention to myself.
Everybody is born with God. Parents are the default setting for this. It’s primitive, but we are better off because of it.
Religious people are much safer than intellectuals.