The Opposite of Memory

by Regis Boff

My father taught me very few things.
Such was our relationship that it never occurred to me that he was withholding anything. I grew up in a time and place before wisdom.
Time did forfeit to me a few notions from his repeated general behavior. The earliest was the concept of entropy (the gradual decline into disorder and finality of all things physical). In Pittsburgh terms, “things eventually wear out.”
He revealed to me that a light bulb, in much the same way as the universe, has only so many on/offs in it and when it has reached its predetermined limit, it will burn out.
He declared that only God knew the limits for the cosmos and that He ( God) did not give a crap about our household light bulbs and their points of failure.
My father emphasized that our light bulbs and their sidekick, electricity, fell within his financial jurisdiction and that turning them off was not an option for me. He would often hit me if I dodged his point and left them on.
My dad is dead, and God has yet to make His final decision about the universe, but I am still turning off lights and yelling at my son to do so.