What I believed 2 yrs ago vs. now

by Regis Boff

Women control their bodies. Still
Helping the poor is an act of societal kindness and not reparation for ancient histories. It makes sense to me that generosity is better for the poor in the long run than any one-time guilt fee. Still
No death penalty. Still
The only economic system that works is capitalism. All others turn us into slaves at best, insects at worst. Still
Public schools are fine; however, where they are not successful, parents must have vouchers to save their children from teachers unions and entrenched autocracies. Still
Stem cell research is common sense as long a scientist doesn’t kill to use it. A cell is not life. Still
Energy sources depend on the needs of the poor and are not philosophical theories. Someone will invent a solution to energy. Keep people warm until then in the cheapest possible way. Still
We should be allowed to kill ourselves, quickly and painlessly. Still, and even more so now because I am older and closer.
There is nothing we can do about global warming except invent our way out of it. Still
Guns should be allowed. Weapons are the last line of protection. You can’t simultaneously be against the evil of government and for self-disarmament. Still
Corporate media can’t be fixed or controlled. Our only defense is voting and the Supreme court. Still
Believing your neighbor is simple is misguided. Still
Religious institutions are more critical to public safety than universities. Most professors never really worked. They rarely understand real life. Still
Sex as everyone’s obsession. Let people do what they want and never confuse their persecution with their worth. Marry who you want unless it has fur. Still
There should always be social security.
Welfare is mandatory.
Capitalism is the second source of goodness because it generates luxury, which in turn allows people to give to others.
Religion is the first.
If you believe in being Republican or Democrat, you aren’t anything at all.

PUBLISHED: June 25, 2018
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