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Insect Smell

On hot summer evenings in Pittsburgh, we would chase lightning bugs around our yards catching them in mason jars. I still remember how they smelled when I lifted the top.

Digitol Euloges

FaceBook will put an end to gravestones.

The Beautiful, Forgotten and Moving Graves of New England ...

Bad Laughter

Hurting someone with laughter
makes the hurt forever.


I Laugh At You Quotes. QuotesGram

James Joyce

James Joyce’s editor calls on him early one morning and finds him with his head in his arms on his writing desk beside his typewriter.
The editor says, “James, What’s the matter?”
The great writer looks up at him and says, I have been at this all night and I only have six words!”
The editor looks at him and says “But James that’s great for you,” and Joyce looks at him and says
“I know, but I don’t know what order they go in”

Family Dog

I had two dogs. Now I have one. My old retriever turned up his paws and headed off to wherever minor souls go. I suspect it is a place where stealing food and pooping are rewarded.
My father would buy our family’s dogs in the same way he would buy us a car. Both would be stripped down to essentials, nose, fur, perhaps a tailbut he would not pay more for that.. Then he would search out a “deal.” It was our luck that he always stopped short of stealing one from our neighbors in his thrift. Then somehow he would apply the old adage of “how do you sculpt an elephant out of a giant piece of granite? You just cut away anything that is not elephant. My dad could do the same with beauty. We had the ugliest hounds and cars imaginable.
Our animals were treated like animals. They were smacked with whatever was handy. They were expected to not only obey all commands from birth but often were obliged ( if they knew what was good for them) to be prescient. The phrase “good dog” might be used if the beast dragged a baby 
Our dogs growing up died with a kind of regularity that would make less trusting families check carefully their dinner meat. Dogs roamed dangerously free then and came back only for meals, just like us kids. One afternoon after school I came into the kitchen to find my dad crying at the table. He said our dog was dead. I asked where he was and he told me that sometimes when dogs know they are going to die they go off into the woods and bury themselves. My belief in my father was science. This became fact to me. Moon is buried somewhere in the woods.



Voiding Nature’s Cruelty

Inequity has no headwater.

It is indelible

and within most lifetimes

only fades a bit.

It is part of life.

A life of balanced hopefulness

is impossible without

first digesting fully this truth.

We have built Gods, laws, and political parties

to correct inequality

and when these always fail to satisfy us,

we turn on each other.

Many in disappointment

spend all their time sawing away despondently

at the very limbs they are sitting on.

Only personal happiness voids nature of her cruelty.

Mother Nature Fountain nature garden pond fountain ...

Then came FaceBook

When I lived in Manhattan, I figured I would wind up some day, old and sitting on a bench between the uptown and downtown sides of Broadway. I would size up complete strangers while they waited for the lights to change. Sometimes I would even scream at them.

Then came Facebook and  I can do it within the comfort of my home.Broadway malls, Jun 2008 - 163 | This was on the north ...


But Never Our Folly

The paradox of our species is that we understand ourselves to be of some significant value individually no matter how many of us there are.

Then, as almost a pastime, we snuggle to the delusion that the puzzling action of breeding ourselves into extinction is ordained by some God we invent.

Our minds can tackle the universe but never our own folly.

Is Britain full? Home truths about the population panic ...

Why don’t you love me anymore?

I don’t remember when I stopped asking girls why they dumped me. It must have been when the possible responses became too frightening.

Broken Heart HD Wallpapers

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