Rock Accountant

It is why my life is so funny.

Everybody’s feelings have little to do with me.
I don’t believe that every veteran is a hero. I think that some are.
I don’t believe black people are all good. But I know there are enough good ones to solve their problems. I am not proud of white people. And I am very sure that nobody dead has contributed to my reputation.
I know that wearing pink does not make me more aware of breast cancer or homosexuality. My mind rarely wanders far from breasts.
I don’t believe children, academics, or pretty girls on TV should try to tell me how I can avoid insulting them.
People should realize that I will not stray out of my way not to offend them. It is the only way I have to find out if they are insecure idiots.
That is how I pick my friends.
It is why I have a few good friends

thdog ears

The Car has no feelings

I bought a new car,
I make excuses
just to look at it
in my closed garage.
I don’t drive it
because it is new
and factory clean.
All men know the feeling.
I do this kind of shit.
All the time.
Yesterday our power went out.
The electrician rewired our house.
He installed a gleaming new fuse box
next to the car
in the garage.
Now I go to look at that.
The car has no feelings.

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