The persecution of prejudice

by Regis Boff

Nations thrive only when the most exciting people, the sexual deviants, are free to sin without anxiety or worry of reprisals. Ancient Greece and Rome, the Roaring Twenties, and every day in France are examples of this. History will show that this decade in America will outdo them all. Our fantastically liberated nation is so diverse right now that we need to employ the alphabet to identify our gender and sexual federations. Say no more. Oh, happy days! But I sense dark clouds forming on our open-source bi-coastal orgy. Sex does not long remain pleasant unless others hold that what you are doing is lewd, immoral, or scandalous. I fear we are draining our state unduly of prejudice. We are persecuting anyone not engaged in the study of style based solely on sex.

I dread that Oscar Wilde may have been describing us when he said, “Only the great masters of style ever succeed in being obscure.”