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I am God

serpentI have got myself stuck on this idea of Eden.
I am God, and you must recognise that you are too.
God, who never existed, got very lucky when we showed up. We built him things and gave him money. We even believed forever that She would answer our infinite prayer, ninety percent of which were hard on selfish.
So really it is time to cut that shit out.
But back to this Eden thing. Supposedly, He gave us a safe place from his hostile world of flesh eaters so we could be happy and secure. The Bible called it Eden. We did that not God.
I happen to believe we could do this again. We have terrified people running for their lives all over the world. The power to carve out space for them and protect it by surrounding the perimeter is far easier than slaughtering everybody in sight.
These “countries.” in Europe will be overrun by the desperate.
I worked in Europe for years, crossing a new border every twenty minutes, so believe me when I tell you world wars will always occur there. The only reason for them to exist is interesting food.
Brand new countries are easy to make. Just look at Israel. We should have given the Jews Germany, but that is another blog.
You just find a big space and toss the weak into it. Then you stand guard over it.
The important thing is to ban serpents and apple trees.

Perhaps this is what God would do if he really cared.

It is time for another Israel in the Middle East only much bigger. Perhaps in Mexico as well. Life in these two geographic regions has been a miserable proposition for a long time. The West did not cause it. The Kings, Mullahs, and oil-rich chieftains kept their people in poverty and allowed them only God as comfort for hundreds of years. In Mexico, the poor were supported only by our tourism, our insatiable need for drugs and the Catholic Church.
Bringing these people here is moronically ill-advised.
We should use our weapons and military to carve out new Edens for the suffering instead of destroying everything to catch a few.

Perhaps this is what God would do if he really cared.


Annex Mexico

We are entering a new century of wars conducted by swarming immigration. Water always flows downhill. Immigration will replace the nuclear weapon in the coming age.
People always move to where their life is better if they can. They will not neatly stay in a place where their children are in danger. I think human beings with stop short of treating each other like locusts, destroying intruders on mass. But one does have to recall Hitler.
The problem with our Southern border is manageable. Europe’s dilemma may not be so easy.
I think Trump is correct that we need to document people who come here, that’s only common sense. The Democrats don’t support this because they see human beings as voting blocks. The Republicans see immigrants from Mexico as vermin.
To me, our solution is simple and has been historically validated. We just annex Mexico and make it a nice place to live again. Tidy.


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