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Let our Children Vote

We allow our seniors in high school to drive cars indicating we are willing to arm them with a serious weapon that could, with misjudgment, kill someone. We forbid them nonetheless from voting in elections. We institute that the senile and stubbornly historically tainted voters are preferable to these children, all of whom, engage in the study of American civics daily.
Colleges are not interested in the pedagogy of the rights and duties of citizenship. They often indoctrinate according to their beliefs of right and wrong, left or right. Children might well be the only open minded voters we have left. Of course, parents influence them. Certainly the media harangues them but inside they are still absent of the lifetime grudges that cause our American embarrassment.

The Children Binge

I treat my children as entertainment. I hadn’t clarified this realization until Netflix. Raising them was strenuous and poured life from me like Morton salt but without them, I might as well have been wearing plaid in Miami and eating dinner at three-thirty in the afternoon all these twenty years.
I thought at first parenting would be like any other task with a perceivable career trajectory. Acquire skills then build on them to buttress against whatever to climb the project throws at you.
The hoped for product; it reasonably followed, was a lubricated and happy relationship with your child
This algorithm does not apply to children. The simplest example of this phenomenon was the changing of diapers. At one point I considered touring my skill, playing in small venues across the country. I was so crackerjack that I could toss my daughter in the air, and a fresh diaper would be on her before she hit the ground.
Then she stopped needing diapers. I had her down for her nap like she was a rock band taking the stage. Then she gave up naps. I build fences out off empty beer cases for her to safely crawl around in while I rested and watched. Then she learned to walk. This tail chasing has continued to this day.
Nobody is good at being a parent. It is not a skill. It is like Netflix, a binge.

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