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Picking Cotten As a NY Liberal Jew

Trump has revealed the comfort of our American slavery. The mesmerising rainbow of the moneyed world has risen against him, and we don’t care, because if he wins that would mean everybody would have been wrong. That would never do.
We all conceitedly bitch about seeing that “a fix is on.” The internet is a hairy bucket of conspiracy theories and the clever don’t even notice what is happening.
Trump has guts. He is battling everyone who has purchased a piece of America. The secret billionaires, the lifetime Senators and Congressman, and our ever so self-important media.
We are put in our little pig pens to fight and argue, and then every four years we are let out to stubbornly pick  up our flags and charge into the muck.
Life is safer for the piously small minded.
Rubio is a boy with no life experience. Cruz should frighten women and represents the repulsive end of the Republican party.
Hillary represents the witless from the sixties, (my era and I know them) who have spent forty years watching ten thousand hours of soap operas, that place where everyone is well dressed because they cheat on each other well into their seventies.
Bernie Sanders is evidence that our educational system has failed. He is a socialist and those kids don’t know what that is. Still, he has beaten Hillary on occasion. Even a blind chicken finds a piece of corn once in a while. She is banking on this.
Hillary has lost to the first black man in what she calls racist America. So much for her magnetism.
Trump is a New York Jewish liberal, and so am I.
He wants to build a wall just like we all have around our homes. They call them fences and hedges. He doesn’t want to stop abortions he just doesn’t think the government should pay for them. He hires smart women because he understands that all women are not smart. I know this will annoy many dumb women like Hillary.
Mexico will pay for the wall, or we will simply annex it. Let them choose.
His health care system makes sense. You know why I know. Because the Media won’t show it to you.
He wants to cut out part of the Middle East for the refugees to hide in. He will make the Sultans pay for it. It is about time.
He wants to get the fuck out Muslimville and let the Russians have them. They can handle it because they are ruthless. We are ruthless only about code words.
Black people should be at Trump’s doorstep cutting deals to get help moving businesses into Detroit and Chicago. The problem is Black people are even more politically correct than we are. They are afraid to confront Hillary. The safety of the master you know. They know this is true and are still terrified. I can’t blame them. I am still afraid of spiders too.


Squirrels, Hating Trump,and Smart Hot Women

It is lucky for all of you I am not part of the voting electorate.
I want Trump to win.
All the Republicans hate him because he is a New York Jewish liberal and deep down they know it. They also hate him because the wealthy party members have spent so much money buying off the other idiots. The Tea Party hates him because he has never eaten a squirrel.
The Democrats hate him because he is male and surrounds himself with strong, smart, mostly pretty women, ( just like the media does). Unlike the news women, however, his can do mathematics. These are females who do not fear to piss off Oprah Winfrey. Women who deserve what they have because of what they have earned. Not because it is their turn.
The media all loathe him. Talk radio, CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX detest him because he makes them look ridiculous. It is he who has bought them.
He says things we are not allowed to say. Walls should be built to keep living in America valuable. People who hate us should not be shoved into our country because we are afraid to say no. We should drive hard bargains in trade. What dream world have we fallen into where it matters if other countries like us? The real world is not FaceBook. We should demand that the world envies us; it will give them something to do.

We need to manufacture things, so our poorest cities like Chicago and Detroit can grow again. Black people are poor because the Democrats want them to stay that way, and the Republicans could care less. They should be the most powerful people in our country, instead of living in the narcotic bread lines. If Black lives matter when cops extinguish them, don’t the millions of black men rotting in prisons while their families disappear matter even more? It is not racist cops that are the problem it is the racist laws.

Presidents have purchased the job before and have done quite well. At least half of our Presidents came from this pool of the wealthy. Certainly many were better than those picked by our media.

Why Mexico will pay for the Wall.

The infiltration or confiscation of adjacent lands has until lately been called war. Now it is evolving into something entirely bizarre. Historically a nation state would say, ” Hey, Joe’s property is kinda of nice, let’s use our armies and take it. Sure, we will have to kill all the Joe’s living there but so what, but who gives a shit, after all, they are Joes?”
Mexico and Syria are the new alternatives to this routine. Peoples are entering other people’s homes in masses so overwhelming that slaughtering them is improbable. They are like a pair of fat Aunts who decide without an invitation to come live with you, and they both play the tuba.
Europe faces a much darker problem than we do. They will regret being kind. After all, brawling with each other has been their NFL since well before the Middle Ages. Now they have willingly admitted millions of people who haven’t appreciated generosity since the Crusades, and, trust me; they are not leaving.
Personally, I have never recognised Mexico’s right to exist. I can’t even envisage why we didn’t impound it right after we stole Texas. Maybe we got tired or simply did not have the foresight to recognize how much we would like marihuana.
Trump has it right when he says Mexico will pay for a wall. It will want to pay for it. A barricade is the only way that country can define its existence. All the genuinely good people are coming here. A few horses, drug kings, corrupt politicians and prostitutes are all that will be left.
Inevitably we will legalize drugs after it becomes unavoidably apparent that every black person in America is in prison, and  then Mexico will just disappear.
Trump, by then, will have finished his terms in office and will spend his twilight years building hotels where once there was a country called Mexico. Tidy.

Who Has The Best News?

It is hard to know from which good-looking woman to get my political news. I imagine women have the same problem with their newsmen. I’ll admit I have no idea what TV channels homosexuals favor, but I would suppose they observe the same psychoerotic seed trail as the rest of us. A beauty is a beauty after all. Transsexuals probably possess the widest range of information because they watch both sides.
I will ring them up when comes time to make my decision between Trump and Clinton.



Guns,Viagra, and Pulverized Squirrels

The sale of any gun should be unlawful. All weapons must be made obtainable for free and dispensed like methadone at designated shops at convenient locations across America.
Nothing will dampen the quantity and violence of guns faster than making them available without cost. Big guns are a status symbol to the lawful just like big houses. Few people need huge houses, so they mostly go unused. Everybody eventually downsizes.
Trying to make guns illegal is stupid. It is never going to happen.
Here’s a ridiculous example. Drug companies would love to make Viagra use mandatory. But lawmakers, in their wisdom, realized that a nation of males, running around with fifty-two-hour erections inevitably would result in crazed rape or even worse a country brimming with Bill Cosby’s.
It would mean that eventually the only gun violence would come from drug dealers and folks who simply can’t get enough of exploding squirrels. Then all we have to do is legalized drugs and increase the punishment for pulverizing squirrels. Tidy.

Let our Children Vote

We allow our seniors in high school to drive cars indicating we are willing to arm them with a serious weapon that could, with misjudgment, kill someone. We forbid them nonetheless from voting in elections. We institute that the senile and stubbornly historically tainted voters are preferable to these children, all of whom, engage in the study of American civics daily.
Colleges are not interested in the pedagogy of the rights and duties of citizenship. They often indoctrinate according to their beliefs of right and wrong, left or right. Children might well be the only open minded voters we have left. Of course, parents influence them. Certainly the media harangues them but inside they are still absent of the lifetime grudges that cause our American embarrassment.

There shall be

There shall be no law that prevents any person from deliberately hurting themselves.All recreational drugs will be taxed and subject to prohibitions in the same manner as alcohol. 

All abortions should be legal, free and obtainable without interference. 

The sale of weapons should be unlawful. Guns can be owned only with licences and all weaponry must be available free of charge. 

Healthcare will be free, financed by a single payer US system, with children placed in the front of any and all lines to receive care. 

Every person living in America must possess a licence to do so. 

Citizens must be at least twelve years of age to vote 

and, at least, twenty-six to serve in the armed forces.

Be a Man

The most threatening my mother ever got with me was when she resorted to saying,”Wait till your father gets home”.
Father is Mr. Trump now, and he scaring the shit out of America’s badly behaved kids.
We elected President Obama, and might elect Hillary Clinton because everyone loves their mother more. Mum is more gentle and never says “NO”. She always takes your side because she is sensitive. Everybody is always special around her.
The problem is that mother has lost control of the household. The kids are fighting amongst themselves and continue to do so no matter how nice she is to them. They are failing in school and father is faced with earning enough money just to keep them afloat let alone to send them to college.
At the same time, mother wants to adopt five more children because her heart is bursting over their suffering. She understands that she can shame father into agreeing to the new kids. Dad, for all his bluster, wants to be liked too.
Maybe dad will never come home.

The Light

I am beginning to see the light at the end of my tunnel. If Mr. Trump loses to the forces of Good, then the Media, whom I loathe with a rabid psychopathy, will have bankrupted itself. So I win.
They will be compelled to have sex with the only girl left in the bar when the lights come on at four in the morning. For eight years.

Who Would Have Guessed?

I would never have guessed that the slaughter of Muslims for the last fifteen years in the Middle East by the Western Democracies was nothing compared to identifying them before they enter our countries. It was Mr. Trump’s blunder to be against attacking Iraq. He should have realized, in a Democracy, you must always pretend murder is not prejudice.

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