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The Greatest Writers

Women are today’s greatest writers. Why this is, only a man could tell her.

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Come Again

How wrong would it be if I started to brag about how well I am going to do after I am reincarnated?

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Vietnam Nails

My mother was a manicurist. She did only men in a little Pittsburgh hotel barbershop. After she got home at night, she would do me.
It was after we lost the Vietnam War that I discovered that women get their nails done too.
I think because of all the drugs in the sixties I figured that somehow fingernails was what that war was all about.



FaceBook reminds me of my childhood playground. The girls held hands in a circle reciting silly rhymes, and the boys would try to catch live animals and pull their heads off.

Murderous Leisure

Murder is the principal​​ intention of men.
A man’s geometry insists he takes life from others, on the small stage or the large.
We have prowled history, irresistibly drawn towards wealth and blood.
It has never been our ambition to replenish anything


The Trump Decision

I have been fretting over this Trump/Mount Rushmore thing. I agree there is simply no more space for a carving that size left. This leaves us with hard decisions. Washington and Lincoln are immovable because they bookend the entire structure. Teddy, of course, could go philosophically in an eyelash given that he was only slightly smarter than George Bush. But on close examination, it would still not leave room enough for Trump’s hair. This leaves us with Thomas Jefferson, painfully my personal favorite. Tell me what you think?

How does God Dress?

Republicans fear their Gods but generally ignore them unless his likeness appears miraculously on a Walmart. Then they all go out to buy their last suits for a second “coming” until our media broadsides the party and makes them look like cat tail eating morons.
Democrats see god in sexual activity, kind of like the Old Testament Romans. They instead worship movie stars whom they believe are real people. Most wait breathlessly for new holes in human beings to build fashionable sex cults around.

Always the question. Short story, Novel, or Limerick.

The part of God I brought back with me from pretty much dying over the weekend is sitting in the corner of my yard arguing with my dog. I had told the surgeons that to keep me going was mostly a mistake.

Wisdom and Beyond

No wisdom has yet to achieve the thrust required to escape the drag of the human atmosphere.

Fully Aware

Thinking you are informed by the media is like thinking you are inflated by a mosquito bite.

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